The First Eye Hospital In KARNATAKA To Get ISO 9001:2008 Certification By BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (B.I.S)

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Cataract Surgery

The  Cataract   Surgery   is   performed   by   state   of  the   art   ICE   SOVEREIGN   Cold Phacoemulsification system with foldable lens implantation under Topical Anesthesia. It is a painless, stitch less and patch less Cataract operation done on day care basis. The Salient features of this phacoemulsification procedure are

  • The Phaco surgery procedure takes only few minutes. It can be done on outpatient basis also.
  • The Entire procedure is Painless. No injections are given for Anesthesia.
  • There are no stitches needed in this procedure and post operatively the eye is very quiet and comfortable.
  • No patching of the operated eye is needed. The patient can walkout of the Hospital wearing protective goggles and can use the eye immediately.

The new generation foldable lenses offer great advantages of small incision size, Asphericity and multifocality. The vision obtained by Aspheric foldable lenses have great quality and undisturbed Night Vision.