The First Eye Hospital In KARNATAKA To Get ISO 9001:2008 Certification By BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (B.I.S)

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MMJEI  Dwd  , started full time Glaucoma Services from 1st July 2017

Our fully equipped Glaucoma Clinic offers wide range of Diagnostic and therapeutic       modalities for Glaucoma.

We are equipped to attend to all kinds of  Primary Secondary, Paediatric and all kinds of complicated Glaucomas with the help of newer investigative modalities like Retinal Nerve fibre layer Analysers ( Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography, SD-OCT). Pachymetry and Anterior Segment OC T (AS-OCT), apart from the routine Glaucoma procedures.

  • Apart from the Life long, Vigilant Medical Care needed for every Glaucoma patient, we also Provide all kinds of Laser / Surgical interventions whenever indicated.
  • Laser Treatment for Glaucoma   includes – Nd- Yag Laser for Laser Iridotomy.

Types of surgeries for Glaucoma patients include 

  • Glaucoma Filtering Surgery – Trabeculectomy with Mitomycin – C
  • Combined Cataract and Galucoma Filtering Surgery including phacoemulsificaton.
  • Trabeculotomy + Trabeculectomy for Congenital Glaucomas.
  • Aqueous Drainage Implant Surgery ( Ahmed Glaucoma Valve)
  • Cyclodestructive procedures like cyclocryopexy.